Future ( 6 ) present forms or will

= For the basic structure of talking about the future we use “will”.

1. Present Reality – in case talking about the future with some present reality we prefer using the present forms ( the present progressive or going to)
a. I’m meeting my childhood friend on Saturday. ( The arrangement exist now.)
I wonder if she’ll recognize me at all. ( not talking about the present.)
b. Alex is going to have a new house. ( decision already exist)
He hopes it will be more durable and comfortable this time. ( not talking about present)

2. Predictions : thinking and guessing about the future
We use “going to” when we predict and when we have outside evidence for what we say.
For example: The black clouds in the sky means a person is about to fall………
==Oh! See the clouds now? It’s going to rain.( we do not say “Oh! See the clouds now? It will rain.)
Watch out baby! You’re going to fall from your bike! ( we do not say…You’ll fall from your bike!)
; We use “will” for predictions when there is no such obvious outside evidence. Also when we are talking more about what is in our heads, what we know, believe or calculated.
a. Sarah will certainly have a blue-eyed baby because her foreign husband has blue eyes too.
b. I’ll reckon it’ll cost the company so much to solve the problem.
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