Present Tenses

1. The two kinds of present tenses
= The simple present or present simple tense like I eat or he thinks is one kind. The other, it’s called present progressive or present continuous like I am eating and he’s thinking. These two present tenses are used in different ways.
a. I eat bacon and egg for my breakfast.
b. He likes playing tennis during weekends.
2. General Time : simple present
= When talking about permanent situations or about the things that are happening regularly or all the time, we use the present simple tense of the verb.
a. My brother lives in Kanagawa Prefecture with his family.
b. I go to Tokyo about four times a month for business travel.
3. Around now : present progressive
= When talking about temporary continuing actions or events which are just going on now or around now, we usually use the present progressive.
a. What are you doing? – I am reading my favorite novel.
b. I’m eating healthy food these days to have a good body condition.
4. Future time
= Both simple present or present simple and present progressive or present continuous can be used to talk about the future.
a. I’ll send you a message when I arrive home.
b. Come visit us in the office when you travel Japan next year.
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