shall / will + be + ... ing

1 events in progress in the future

The future progressive is a verb construction made up of the verb phrase “will be” or “shall be” plus a present participle. Also called the future continuous.

The future continuous conveys a sense of ongoing action at a particular future time or during a span of time in the future.

For example:

By this time tomorrow night, I’ll be sleeping in my own bed.
Next summer, we will be enjoying all the fresh fruits and vegetables we planted last year.
We will be doing big business next year.

2 events that are fixed or expected to happen

We can also use the future continuous to talk about things that we expect to happen in the usual course of events( the event is certain and will happen naturally).

For example:

I’ll be seeing Keiko tomorrow at the office. (we work together)
President Obama will be making the announcement on the new immigration issue later tonight.
She’ll be working all night in the shop, so please take care of her kids.

The future continuous is also used for predictions or expected trends in the future.
For example:

By 2030, most Africans will be living in urban areas.
In a few years, the ocean water’s temperature will be rising and we will be losing much of our marine life.

3 no idea of making decisions


My mother will be working now. ( I think she’ll be working now, but I’m not completely certain.)
Bert will be sleeping when you find him.
Toby will be running until he’s too tired to move.

Sometimes we use the future continuous to make polite enquiries when we wish to know what somebody’s plans are:

For example:

Will you be coming with me to the concert tonight?
Will you be joining us at camp next month?
Will you be taking your car to the meeting?

4 progressive form with going to

A progressive form of the going to structure is also possible.

For Example:

It’s our wet season, so it’s going to be raining the entire week.
I’m going to be staying at the Hilton Hotel, if anything happens, and you can contact me.
At dinner tonight, they’re going to be discussing their Easter plans and having a good time.
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