INDIRECT SPEECH: Questions And Answers

1. Word Order (I asked where Alice was)
In English, the subject usually follows the verb in reported questions. Also, auxiliary verb do is not used.

Direct: Where's the car?
Indirect: I asked where the was.

Direct: What do you want me to do?
Indirect: I asked what he wanted me to do.

Similar structure is used for reporting answers to questions.
I had no idea how I got here.
She instructed where to go buy them.

2. Omitted Question Marks
In reported questions, question marks do not apply.

Jess asked when the plane would leave.
Dean asked where the key was.

3. Yes/No Questions (He asked if...)
If/Whether are used in yes/no reported questions.

The customer asked if/whether we served salad.
Shelby doesn't know if/whether she can go.

However, present tense isn't use after if to talk about the future in reported questions.

I'm not sure if I'll make it next week.
Jack is unsure if he'll get his salary on time.

4. Say And Tell (Answers, Not Questions)
In reported questions, say and tell aren't used. However, they are used to introduce answers to questions.

He never told me where he's from.
They didn't say what time they're coming.
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