Present Tenses (4) : Progressive or Continuous

1. Present Progressive : Its Forms
= Am /is/are + ing
a. I am waiting in line for over 30 minutes now!
b. Are you talking to me?
c. She is writing an email to his client about the conference.
For double letters like sitting, running etc.
Example = She is running the whole morning.
For passive forms like “is being done”
Example = The new project is being done.
2. Use : “around now”
= We use present progressive tense to talk about temporary actions and situations that are going on now or “around now” that is before, during, and after the moment of speaking.
a. What are you doing? –I’m writing a report.
b. Why are you crying?—Is there a problem?
c. He’s working in Los Angeles at the moment.
3. Repeated Actions
a. I’m travelling in United States these days.
b. Why is he hitting the cat?
c. She’s going shopping a lot these days.
4. Changes
a. Her daughter is getting prettier as she grows.
b. Price of commodities is rising again.
c. People are getting hooked to watching Singing Contests.
5. Talking about the Future
a. What are you going to do this coming weekends?
b. Come and join the fun here at Tokyo Disneyland!
c. Are you going to join the party next week?
6. Things that happen all the time : not used
a. My brother is living away from my parents for the moment.
b. Your co-worker lives in Yokohama right?
7. Verbs not used in progressive tenses
a. I like sushi and okonomiyaki a lot.
b. Do you believe what she says?
8. How long? Present tense not used.
a. Mr. Johnson has been living in Tokyo for 5 years.
b. I’ve been teaching English to Japanese for over 6 years.
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