Present Tenses (6) : Its Advanced Points

1. Repeated Actions : Simple or Progressive
-The present progressive tense can be used for repeated actions and events if these are happening around the moment of speaking.
Example: Why is he hitting the cat?
John is seeing Anna a lot these days.
-But, we do not use the present progressive for repeated actions and events which are not closely connected to the moment of speaking.
Example: I go to my hometown once a year. ( not I’m going to my hometown once a year).
2. Long-lasting changes
-The present progressive tense is used for changes and development even if these are long lasting.
The weather is getting colder.
The company is expanding in Europe!
3. Simple present tense is used for regular or repeated actions and events but we can use the present progressive for things that are going on around these actions and events.
He doesn’t like to be disturbed if he’s playing the piano.
Sheena looks very pretty when she’s smiling.
4. I promise…etc
I promise that I’ll never see him again.
I swear that I will box that idiot!
The criminal denies the accusation.
5. I hear..etc
-The simple present tense is used with a perfect or past meaning in introductory expressions like I hear, I see, I gather, I understand.
I hear you’re going to the US next month.
I see there’s been trouble with our plant in Japan.
I gather your sister is looking for a job.
6. Here comes..etc…there goes,,,
Examples: Here comes the baby boy.
There goes our plane.
7. I feel/I’m feeling
How do you feel? How are you feeling?
My stomach is aching. My stomach aches.
8. Formal Correspondence
- There are some fixed phrases that are used in letter-writing and can be expressed either in the simple present (more formal) or in the present progressive ( less formal).
- Examples: I look forward to talking with you again soon.
- We write to advise you to see us as soon as possible to discuss about the matter.
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