ADJECTIVES: Normal Position

1. Two Positions
Generally, there are two possible ways to place an adjective in a sentence.

1.a. Attributive position or adjective before a noun

The new movie is out.
She's marrying a fine man.
My uncle is a charming man.

1.b. Predictive position or adjectives after link verbs (be, seem, look, and become)

I feel sick today.
Lisa seems unwell.
The dog looks hungry.

2. Adjectives Before Nouns
There are adjectives must only be only before nouns. If used after verbs, other words should be used.

(elder and eldest)
My elder brother is an engineer.
Her eldest son is coming home.

I caught a live fish.
There's a live bug in the bottle.

Hana likes the little pony.
She built a little tree house.

3. Adjectives After Verbs
Adjectives which begins with a- (afloat, afraid, alight, alike, alive, alone, asleep, awake, etc.) are used mainly after linking verbs.

Toby's asleep.
The ball's still afloat.
He wasn't so afraid of the dark.

4. Verb+Object+Adjective
Adjectives are also used after an object using the structure verb+object+adjective.

I'll get the kids ready.
The trip really made me happy.
He planning to paint the fence black.
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