About: Very, Very much

1) Adjectives and Adverbs
- We use very, not very much, before adjectives and adverbs.

For example:
adjective - She is very cute. (not - She is very much cute.)
adverb - She runs very quickly. (not - She runs very much quickly.)

- However, very much is used in comparatives.

For example:

She is very much healthier now that she is home. (not - She is very healthier now that she is home.)

2) Not very
- Not very expresses quite a low degree.

For Example:
It's not very cold here today. (Meaning low degree of coldness.)
That salon wasn't very cheap. (Meaning quite expensive.)

-Note that little can't be used this way.
She is not very smart. (not - She is little smart.)

3) Past participles
- We normally use very much before past participles.

For example:
He was very much respected by his students. (not - He was very respected by his students.)
Picnic times will be very much reduced by the new rules. (not - Picnic times will be very reduced by the new rules.)

- In some cases, we use very with some past participles that are used as adjectives.

For example:
My mother is very worried about my sister. (not - My mother is very much worried about my sister.)

4) Adverb - very much
Very much is also used as an adverb.

For example:
They very much liked the food. (not - They very liked the food.)
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