We use going with an -ing form to talk about activities in which people move about, and which do not have a fixed beginning or end. The structure is common in expressions referring to sport and leisure activities.

Below are some examples:
go fishing, go hunting, go dancing, go singing, go eating, go cooking, go walking, go skating, go climbing, go riding, go shooting
Let’s go fishing next Saturday.
Did you go hunting last weekend?

Go …ing is also used to talk about looking for or collecting things.
For example:
Matt is going fruit-picking this Saturday with some friends.
In summer all people will go cleaning their houses.
I think I’ll go swimming later; the weather seems to be very fine.

We do not use go ..ing to talk about activities that have more definite beginning and end
For example:
I will go watching a football match this weekend. (wrong)
Danny will go boxing with some friends next week. (wrong)

Note that prepositions of place, not direction, are used after go …ing
For example:
I went dancing in the party. Not: I went dancing to the party.
They went biking at the park last Friday. Not: They went biking to the park last Friday.
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