Meaning of "LOOK"

As a link verb it can mean "seem" or "appear" and can be followed by adjectives or nouns.

For example:
Right: You look sad, what's the matter.
Wrong: You look sadly, what's the matter.

Other examples:
I looked a real fool when I jumped on the mud.
The kitchen looks a mess.

Please note:
To talk about a temporary appearance, we can use simple or progressive forms. There is not much difference of meaning.

For example:
You look/ You're looking very sad, what's the matter?

Please note:
It can be followed by like or as if. Progressive forms are not usually used in this case.

For example:
He looks like his father.
It looks as if it’s going to flood.
She looks as if she's hungry.

Another meaning:
If could also mean "direct one's eyes". In this case it is used with adverbs, not adjectives. Before an object, a preposition is necessary.

For example:
Right: The woman looked at me sadly
Wrong: The woman looked at me sad.

Please note:
A preposition is not used when there is no object.

For example:
Right: Look! It's turning red.
Wrong: Look at! It's turning red.

Another meaning:
It is used before if or whether. To see, not look.
For example:
Right: Could you see if Miki's in the bathroom?
Wrong: Could you look if Miki's in the bathroom?
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