As well as

It has a similar meaning to “but also…and not only”.
a. She bought new shoes, as well as bag and dress for the party next week.
b. Nick is kind as well as an intelligent man. (It means that Nick is not only kind, but also intelligent.)
c. Mrs. Lim is a public school teacher as well as an online tutor to Japanese.

Important information: We use “as well as” when some information is already known to the reader or listener.
a. In the Philippines, people speak their own language as well as English.
b. Some mammals can fly as well as eagles.

Verbs after “as well as”
We often use the –ing form when we put a verb after as well as.
a. Sarah is good at singing as well as dancing.
b. As well as baking cake for her son’s birthday, he also baked cookies.
After an infinitive in the main clause, an infinitive without using “to” is possible.
Example: My mother cooks food for us as well as do the laundry every day.
Remember the difference between these two sentences:
She dances as well as singing her favorite piece during the variety show.
(It means she does not only dance well, but also sing.)
She dances as well as she sings her favorite piece during the variety show.
( It means that her dancing is good as well as her singing.)
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