Between and among

Between is used when we separate two places, people, or objects.

1. Mr. Matsumoto sat between Mr. Sato and Ms. Ueda during the company’s foundation day.
2. Tower 2 is located between two large buildings.
3. My gift for her birthday is between the 2 red boxes.

Between is used also to talk about intervals or distances.

1. I’ll meet you in the cafeteria between eleven thirty and twelve thirty.
2. We need two metres between the boxes.

Between is also used before “each”.

1. There are 10 minutes break between each classes.
2. There seems to be the same between each of them.

Between or among more than two
- When someone or somebody is between several things clearly separates them like people or things. We use “among” when someone or something is in a group, a crowd, or many people or things which we do not separately see.
Jane’s house is between the village, the river and the small farm.
A wooden chair made of an old trunk is hidden among the trees.

Dividing and sharing : difference
We can divide or share things between or among more than two people or groups.

The pizza I bought was divided between/among the children.
The parents’ wealth is divided between/among him and his siblings.

We also use “between” after difference.

There are a lot of differences among his past boyfriends.
What is the difference between the previous and present president?

“one of” etc
Among can also mean “one of”, or “some of”, or “included in”

Among the first to greet me for my birthday was my childhood friend.
He has a number of favorites among his classmates we back high school.
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