Infinitives: After Verbs

Here we are going to discuss how we can use the infinitives of other verbs succeeding various non-auxiliary verbs.

It's starting to work.
Gillan seems to be waking up.
The windows need to be washed.

Study the common verbs below that can be succeeded by


afford fail prefer
agree forget prepare
appear go on pretend
arrange happen propose
ask hate promise
attempt help refuse
(can't) bear hesitate regret
beg hope remember
begin intend seem
care learn start
choose like swear
consent love trouble
continue manage try
dare mean want
decide neglect wish
expect offer

In some cases, the following format can be applied to the verbs listed above:

1. Format: object + infinitive

I need you to babysit today.
Fiona expects her puppy to obey.
The people want the government to be honest.

2. Format: verb + for + object + infinitive

I arranged for her to take taekwondo lessons.
I set up for them to meet in person.
Dan asked for me to attend the meeting today.

Some verbs can be followed either by an infinitive or -ing form.
But there are some verbs where it's not possible to use infinitives. Use the -ing form, instead. (e.g. I enjoy eating out with friends.)
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