Discourse Markers

4. Similarity
(similarly, in the same way, just as)
=> these markers are most common in a formal style
a. Jane's mother loves to go to the beach on holidays
and weekends. Similarly, her daughter does it too
when on day offs.
b. Parents do their best and all to educate their children.
In the same way, they in turn put a high importance on their
own children's education.
c. Henry is just as talented as his brother when it comes to singing.

5.concession and counter-argument
( concession- it is true, certainly, of course, granted, if, may,
stressed auxiliaries)
( counter-argument- however, even so, but, nevertheless, nonetheless,
all the same, still)
==> these markers are used in a three-part structure:
-there is discussion of facts that point in a certain direction
-it is agreed( the concession) that a particular contradictory fact points
the other way
-but the speaker or writer dismisses this and returns to the original
direction of argument
a. It is true that education plays a vital role in the society.
b. The team has done everything to become best in their fields and certainly they
deserve the championship!
c. Of course, the title she got is not just about money but pride and honor for the
country as well.
d. Uncle Tom may not get here in the venue on time, however fast he drives.
e. The Hr Manager was extremely strict during the process of application.Nonetheless,
when your hired she's very nice and approachable.

6. contradicting
( on the contrary, quite the opposite)
==> these expressions are used when you want to contradict a suggestion made by
another speaker.
a. My husband is a vegetarian. On the contrary, I love meat!
b. Most of the students last year were participative and energetic. This year's
are quite the opposite.
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