Continuation.. Discourse Markers:

11. adding information
Moreover (very formal), furthermore (formal), in addition, as well as that,on top of that (informal), another thing is (informal), what is more, also, besides,in any case.

a. Mr. Lim’s proposal seems to be very beneficial to both parties. Moreover, it is can be done within the time frame given.
b. The company anniversary celebration is to take place in Tokyo. Furthermore, there will be surprises and good news that will be announced.
c. The client asked for additional brochures of our product. On top of that, he asked me to send him copies of the newly revised brochures.

==Note: Besides and in any case add an extra, more conclusive fact or argument.
a. Can you finish the report tomorrow? I don’t think you can. Besides/In any case, you aren’t done halfway of that yet!

12. generalizing
On the whole, in general, in all/most/many/some cases, broadly speaking, by and large, to a great extent, to some extent, apart from, except for used when a speaker or writer say how true a generalization is.

a. On the whole, the party was really fun!
b. In general, the training was more on the technical issue.
c. In most cases, new workers are still shy during their first week in the office.
d. Broadly speaking, there are more men than women in our company.
e. By and large, it is nice to spend the weekends in the countryside.
f. To a great extent, the speaker really has a very good English accent and intonation.

Note : Apart from and except for are used when introducing exceptions to generalizations.
a. Apart from the crab soup, I think the menu is quite okay to push through.
b. Except for John, everyone can join the company outing tomorrow.

13. giving examples
For instance, for example , in particular  these expressions are used when introducing
Particular examples to illustrate what has been said

a. During weekends, some people love to go shopping! For instance/ For example, my sister spend whole day shopping with her best friend.
b. Our teacher in college doesn’t like eating meat; Pork in particular.
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