Continuation…”Discourse Markers”

17. gaining time
Let me see, let’s see,, you know, I don’t know, I mean, kind of, sort of
These expressions are called “fillers” and give the speaker time to think.
a. How much are you selling these designer’s bags for? Hmm, let me see….
b. Do you think the movie was interesting? Oh, well you know it was just sort of boring for me.

18. showing one’s attitude to what someone is saying
Honestly - > used to claim that one is speaking sincerely
Frankly-> used to introduce critical remarks
No Doubt-> used when the speaker/writer thinks that something is probable but does not know
for certain of himself/herself.
a. Honestly, I have given Mr. Johnson the report he was asking for.
b. What do you think of my new hairstyle? –Frankly, it is terrible!
c. No doubt, the children would to go to the Family Fun Carnival!

19. persuading
After all it suggests that this is a strong argument that you have not taken into consideration.
Look it is more strongly persuasive
Look here it is an angry exclamation that means someone cannot do something!
“No doubt” can also be used to persuade people POLITELY to do things.
a. I think we can spend the weekend in the beach. After all, it will be sunny by then according
to the weather forecast.
b. You can’t go home yet. Look the rain is very hard and its windy too.
c. Look here! What are you doing with my mobile phone?
d. No doubt you’ll return my umbrella right?

20. Referring to the other person’s expectations
Actually, in fact, as a matter of fact, to tell the truth, well
These expressions are used when showing whether someone’s expectations were done or not.
a. Actually, I was about to tell him that the flight was moved next month.
b. Was the presentation good? Yes, as a matter of fact the client were very pleased.

21. summing up
In conclusion, to sum up, briefly, in short
a. In conclusion, the annual sales will be announced during the meeting later.
b. To sum up, everybody is coming to the party on Saturday.
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