Any, in meaning is a determiner. Generally, it suggests an indefinite amount or number. It is also used when it is not important to say how much/many we are thinking of. Any is often used in questions and negative clauses and in other cases where there is an idea of doubt or negation because of its "open" non-specific meaning.

Please see some examples below:
a. Have you got any coins?
b. We didn’t have trouble going through the application.
c. You never give me any aid.
d. The noise of the children stopped me getting any concentration.
e. I suddenly realized I’d come out without a companion.
f. If you find any rats, kill them all for me. ( Any is common after if)

Sometimes any means “if there is/are any” or “whatever there is/are”.

g. Any fog will clear by noon. - (If there is any fog, it will clear by noon.)
h. Perhaps you could forgive any faults I’ve done.

Any can be used to emphasize the idea of open choice – it doesn’t matter who/what/which

i. You can borrow any book you like.
j. I don’t care any place you choose, as long as it is nice and clean.
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