Infinitives: Purpose

1. Infinitives: Person's Purpose (I sat down to rest.)
Infinitives are often use to explain the reason why a person does something or the purpose of one's action.

He left early to work.
I drove to save time.
I exercise to lose weight.

In some cases, the form "for" is also used especially when talking about a purpose that concerns an action by another person.

I posted the note on the fridge for Haru to see.
I baked the cupcakes plain for you to decorate them.
I left some dinner for Fred to eat when he gets home.

2. In Order To; So As To
Infinitives can also be used with expressions "in order to" (more formal) or "so as to."

He went to Australia in order to improve his English.
Tina takes her lunchbox to work so as to save money.
Dixie swims everyday in order to better his swimming skills.

It is also possible to use "in order to" and "so as to" before negative infinitives.

I'm leaving early, so as not to get stuck in traffic.
I take notes in class, so as not to forget anything.
I have to lower the heat in order not to overcook the meat.
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