Infinitives: Subject, Complement or Object

1. Infinitives as Subject (To practise is important / It's important to practise)
In old English, infinitive clause can function as the subject of a sentence.

To get a good job is ideal.
To study diligently is important.
To drink plenty of water is good for the body.

However in modern English, this is not common. The usual form is to use "it" to introduce a subject and place the infinitive clause after.

It's ideal to get a good job.
It's important to study diligently.
It's good for the body to drink plenty of water.

The -ing form is also possible to use to begin a sentence.

Driving a truck is not easy.
Traveling by plane is convenient.
Speaking in public is always nerve-racking.

2. Infinitives as Subject Complements
Infinitive clause can be used after "be" as a subject complement.

Her dream is to become a famous ballerina one day.
You job is to get the clients to sign the contract today.
You are to inspect the condition of the plane thoroughly.

3. Infinitives as Object Complements
Infinitive clause can be used as object of verbs.

She likes to sing when she's driving.
Walter enjoy to travel abroad by himself.
I prefer to shower in the morning before work.
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