Future (3) – going to

1. Present tense – this structure is use to talk about future actions and events that have some present reality.
a. Jane is going to London next year with her fiancé.
b. The Grim’s family is going to migrate to Canada.
c. She is going to deliver her baby next month.
d. Mr. Johnson is visiting the Tokyo branch this summer.
e. Lily and Sam are going to play tennis this weekend again.

2. Plans – this structure emphasises the idea of intention or decision that has already been made.
a. Sarah is going to get a new car soon.
b. When are you going to have your hair done?
c. I’m going to visit Tokyo Skytree in 5 years.

3. Things that are on the way
a. My sister is going to have her second daughter in December.
b. Shen will deliver her first baby in mid March.

4. Commands and refusals- “ going to” can be used to insist that people do things or do not do things.
a. I am going to take medicine for this allergy whether I like it or not.
b. You are not going to borrow my car later.
5. Gonna
a. She’s gonna make it on time for the meeting.
b. Lina’s gonna go to Tokyo with her boyfriend.
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