Future : present progressive

1. Present reality

This is most common in discussions of personal arrangements and fixed plans.
What are you having for your dinner date?
I’m meeting Mr. Lim and Mr. Li later at 3pm.
The family is travelling to Canada this summer.
Jan and Dina are visiting their friend in United Kingdom next month.
I’m getting a car on December.

2. Present progressive and going to….: their differences
-We prefer “going to” when we are talking not about fixed arrangements but about intentions and decisions.
I’m really going to tell him about my feelings towards his actions last night.
Lara is seeing Pablo later tonight.
Who’s going to fetch the babies at school?
Who is going to cook dinner?
He is going to see his girlfriend later.
-Present progressive is used especially for personal arrangements but it is not generally used to make predictions about events that are outside people’s control.

Don’t worry, everything is going to get better soon.
It’s going to get super hot before long.
It’s going to snow in a short time.
His health is going to get better soon.
My grandfather is going to get better in time.
3 commands and refusals
You are taking that medicine now whether you like or not!
You’re not wearing slippers at work.
You are finishing your food!
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