Future ( 5 ) : Simple Present Tense

1. Timetables etc:
-used when we are talking about events which are part of a timetable, a regular schedule or something similar.
a. What time does the train arrives in Tokyo?
b. Are you on duty next Sunday?
c. The sun rises at 5:50am tomorrow.
d. The plane leaves at 10:00am.
e. The summer term starts on April 6.

2. Subordinate clauses- after wh’s questions like what, when, where, until, if, than.
a. I will inform you what I find out.
b. Janah will come to the meeting if she has time.
c. My sister pays us back if she gets another job.
d. He will visit the office when he has free time on Tuesday.

3. Instructions
a. Well, what do we do next? You need to talk to Ana and then see Mrs. Lim.
b. Where do I send money? First, you need to know the name and address and then go to any money remittance center.

4. Other cases- in other cases we don’t usually use the simple present to talk about the future.
a. Jane’s coming for a party this Saturday.
b. There’s the doorbell. I’ll get it.
c. I promise I’ll call you when I arrive home.
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