Passives ( 3 )

Here are the instances when we can use the passive structures :

1. Interest in the action
- Passive structure is often used when we want to talk
about an action but are not so much interested in
telling who or what does/did such action. Passives
without "agents" are commonly used in academic and
scientific writing.
a. Too many have witnessed the festival.
b. Few churches were built around 1940s.
c. The lab results have not yet been handed to our department.
d. Too many books have been written about the world.
e. The oldest structure in our hometown was built around

Note :
The majority of passive sentences in English do not include explicit
agents to indicate exactly who performed the actions however, agents
exist; and they can be indicated, if need be, by a prepositional phrase beginning with by:
a. My car was stolen by someone.
b. A decision has been made by the group.
c. Much tobacco is grown in Eastern Europe by farmers.
d. A new president has been elected by the voters.
e. Both French and English are spoken in Canada by the populace.

Also remember these things:
t passive voice sentences in English do not include agents,
there are three narrow instances when speakers and writers tend to express them:

1. The agent is expressed when it is a proper name indicating an artist,
an inventor, a discoverer, or an innovator.

a. The Mona Lisa was painted by Leonardo da Vinci.
b. The Americas were discovered by Christopher Columbus.
c. The first computer was built by Charles Babbage.
d. Rubber was first vulcanized by Charles Goodyear.

2. The agent is expressed when it is an indefinite noun phrase conveying
new information that the speaker/writer thinks is important enough to mention.

a. These works of art were all produced by a woman at her 20s.
b. The famous grocery store was robbed by a masked gunman.

3. The agent is expressed when it is an unexpected inanimate noun.

a. Around fifty people were injured by a tornado in Florida.
b. All the facilitites in this building are controlled by computer now.
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