Sentence Structure (7-2)

6 reporting expressions
Complicated structures can be produced when reporting expressions are
included in sentences.
For examples:
This is the man who 'Ann said' will tell us all about the church.
There are those people that 'I thought' were going to buy our house.
This can also happen with reported question structure.
He's gone 'I don't know how far'.
We spent 'I can't remember how much' money on our holiday.
7 heavy subject
When the subject of a sentence is a long phrase or clause, the structure
can be difficult to follow.
'Getting up very early in the morning' makes you feel really superior.
(The first seven words are the subject.)
'Going on holiday out of season when everyday else is working' can
save you a lot of money. (11-word subject)
8 heavy indirect object
Similar problems can be caused by long indirect object.
She gave 'all the people who had helped her with her research' copies of
her book.
He brought 'the village where he had grown up' unexpected fame and
9 more examples
Below are more examples of the above structures.
A 24-old laborer who was arrested in Trafalgar Square when he allegedly
attempted to knife a traffic warden is said to have injured three
The Consumers' Association study showed 75% of parents thought junk food
advertising campaigns made it harder for them to insist their children
ate healthy food.

The rebel leader found out that in spite of the precautions of the
soldiers he had bought the guns from the police had planted an
informer among them.
The report will look into claims the design of the courthouse the
men escaped from was at fault.
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