ADJECTIVE: with and

In cases where there are two or more adjectives, "and" is sometimes placed before the last adjective or not, depending on where it is placed in the sentence.

1. After a Verb
"And" is used when adjectives come in predicative position such as after "be, seem, and other similar verbs."

Maya was slender, fair, and pretty.
The house we bought was big, spacious, and modern.
The day was like any other day: warm, windy, and pleasant.

2. Before a Noun
"And" is less common when adjectives come in attributive position (before a noun).

a clear, blue sky
a fast, modern car
an successful, bright man

But when adjectives have similar kinds of information, it is possible to use "use."

a shrewd (and) canny man
a comical (and) witty film
a dated (and) timeworn watch

"And" is needed when adjectives refers to different parts or types of things.

a hot and spicy dish
a wooden and glass door
a red and white kitchen

"And" is also used when describing something that belongs to different classes.

Sam is a great mathematician and scientist.
It's an environmental and expiremental botany.
It concerns with biological and agricultural engineering.

3. Nice and
The expression "nice and" is used before another adjective/adverb in an informal style. It carries the same meaning as "pleasantly" or "suitably."

It's nice and cool out here.
The place was nice and cozy.
The new boss is nice and supportive.
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