Articles-Basic Information

(for students who speak languages that don't use articles like a/an must read this section. For other students who uses articles in there language may read the next section about Articles.

A. Two basic rules in using Article:

-We put (the) before a noun if we say "You know which I mean" or If it is specified directly.

example: I came from the barn. (You can already know where:the barn.)
Did you close the door?(You know already what I mean.)
Can you pass the food?(You can see the food that I want.)

-We put a/an before a singular countable noun( a countable noun are treated as separate items which can be counted) when we can't say "You know which I mean" or you can't say what you really mean.

example: We wanted an answer,yet we were full of doubt.
There's a flood in the city.

-For uncountable noun or plural words we put no article in it.

example: We are all afraid of snakes.

B.Four common mistakes in using articles:

1.If you are using plural or uncountable noun don't use a/an.
2.The word "the" doesn't mean "all",don't use "the" to generalize a noun.
3.If you are using determiners like which, my and this, never use articles together in it.
4.When using singular countable nouns you must put an article or other determiner not just the noun itself.
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