Article-Basic Information (cont.)

Articles in many other languages varies but there are also other languages that has a similar way in using the article in English.

1. When talking in general:
Do not use (the) with uncountable or plural nouns if talking in general.
example: She likes colorful pencils.
(not: She likes(the)colorful pencils.)
Life is full of colorful mysteries.
(not: (The)Life is full of colorful mysteries.)
People nowadays are very fan of using high-tech gadgets.
(not: People nowadays are very fan of using (the) high tech gadgets.
My student loves English.
(not: My student loves (the) English.)

2.When talking about jobs, group and a class: referring to what group is a person into, what class, what type of persona he maybe or what job a person has.

When using a singular noun we commonly put it with (a/an) when classifying.
example: We all wanted to become a bride.
She want's the role of being an antagonist.
He is playing with a dog.
I want to become a nurse.
She's an artistic person.
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