Articles: Uses of "the"

"THE"-as a determiner or "you know what I mean".

"THE"-is used especially before a noun, that helps in identifying what we are referring to like things or persons.

If we don't know what we are referring to we use a/an in it.


We will go to the beach. : The listener already identifies were.

I wanted to have the laptop. : The one that the speaker and listener saw.

Please handle me the book. : Already identifies the item.

Let's have a play. :Speaker doesn't say what kind.

I don't want to buy a fruit. :Doesn't say what kind.

I don't like an old story. :Does not tell what type.

When we use "the", the listener or the reader already know what me mean because:

1.It was already mentioned.

-They have two pets, a Labrador and a Pitbull. The Labrador is a boy and the Pitbull is a girl.

2.When we identify who or what we are talking to.

-Did you saw the boys who was talking with Shane earlier?
-I don't like the blue bag.

3. What we mean is already identified from the situation.

-Could you please pass to me the salt?
-Please pick up the trashes.
-Shanielle is in the library.

"THE"-the only one
The listener or the reader may directly know what we mean because its the only one and there is no other choices.

-I haven't seen the skies so blue.
-It's been days since the rain started.
-I hope the flood will stop.

When not to use "THE"
1.Never use "the" with possessive and demonstrative.
2.Usually don't use "the" with singular proper nouns.
3.If in general terms never use an article into it.
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