VI. Articles: Plural and Uncountable nouns

1. When you use any plural or uncountable noun a/an is not used.
--We don't usually use any article when we use plural or uncountable noun since a/an has a similar meaning to one.--

Don't walk fast we still have plenty of time.
She doesn't like dogs.
He hated his new pair of trousers.
She had a lot of knowledge about animals.

2.There are some nouns that you may think that it is countable (some other language) but this are uncountable noun in English.

How much bread should I bring?
I haven't made much progress this week.
We read some news today.
We wanted to travel this month.

3.You may sometimes use some or any instead of articles.

We had some fun, yesterday.
Did you get any papers?
They had some games during the outing.
We like to have some butter in our bread.

4.Sometimes if we don't use any articles, we may use "the" when we want to say that both the listener and the speaker know what the speaker mean.

Where's the chief cooking?
Did you know the story in that old house?
How will we feed the Ostrich
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