1. When we use uncountable and plural nouns we often use either with some/any or without article.

sample sentences:
I don't need (some) advices.
They thought it was a good idea to have (some) ghost stories.
She doesn't have (any) money.
They don't have (any) paper works to do.

2. When we think about limited numbers or indefinite numbers and we don't know exactly how much we mean we may prefer to use some/any but if we think about unlimited numbers or large quantities then we may not use any article.

sample sentences:
There are some piles of paper on the floor.(Limited numbers)
Those group of girls in front are talkative.
I love butterflies.(The speaker didn't state how many)
Do you want to have some spices? (Just as much what the speaker wants.)
I need to buy apples, oranges, bread, sugar and decorative materials.(The speaker only states the things that he/she may need to buy but not the quantities or the amounts.

!!If we state something clear like how much or how many what we mean then we may not use some/any.

sample sentences:
Can I borrow some pencil?
You have tender hands. (We can already determine how many the speaker mean - two hands, although the speaker is not also clear in how many hands)
Do you have any English books?
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