Article: talking in general

1.'the' doesn't mean 'all'
-If you use uncountable or plural nouns never use 'the', when you talk about things in general. If you mean 'all' so instead we use no article. For example: all fruits, all people, all animals.

--Please give me some information's about the project.(not:Please give me some (the) information's about the project.
-He gave me the information's that I wanted.(specific information)

--I love movies.
-I like the movie that we watched earlier.(specific movie that)

--I have always wanted to have some nature activities.
-The nature that we have right now is far different from before.(The nature that is currently experiencing).

--We had some fun activities earlier.
-The activities will be very exciting.

!! the words 'most' that means 'the majority" is also used without 'the'.!!

--Most speakers that are here today has just arrived from there countries.
--Most of the people now a days are very fund in using electronic gadgets.
--I don't know why most of the children are very clever.

2. generalizations with singular countable nouns.

We may sometimes use "the" in general with a singular countable nouns.


--The oxygen that we have today are already polluted.
-I always enjoy reading than playing the guitar.
--She had some mistakes when we had the rehearsals.
-He is very polite with the elderly.
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