article: the (difficult cases)

---There are times that we get confuse whether to use 'the' in a sentence or not. We must always remember that if we generalize and it's with an uncountable or plural words we must use no article. We only use 'the' to only tell or show to the reader or listener on what we are referring to or what we are talking all about. There will also be sometimes that it will be difficult to know which is the right one because sometimes both rules stated above come together and it really makes us more confuse.---

1. When members of a group is generalize, we usually use no article but if its about a group as a whole we may use 'the' with it.

-Politicians makes the rules and regulations for the country.
--The politicians does everything for their country to have a prosperous country.

-Chocolates has different taste.
--The chocolates are very expensive.

2.We sometimes use 'the' if talk about closed group, limited number of members.

-The Filipinos carve woods as a living.
-The writers
-The musicians

3.When we talk that are 'half-general' and not talking about everything like for music, poems, history but still have a general ideas we usually use no article into it.

We sometimes use 'the' with a number that a general expression that talks about physical environment.

I really like to go to the beach.
My kids plays with the rain sometimes.
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