Articles: special rules and exceptions

1.There are some countable nouns that has to do with place,time, and movement are treated as uncountable nouns and we use no articles into it.

With the nouns that are about places, the one with articles or without articles may have different meanings.

here are some examples:

The meeting is at the hall.(the hall is were the meeting is going to take place)
-I saw her at hall.the hall is were she saw her)

How many are you in the room?
-Who close the room?(the one who close the room)

For the hospital and university in American English it is not commonly used with articles.

She was left alone in the hospital.
They studied at the university together since it's there promise.

2.If it is a double expression we don't usually put article into it, especially with prepositions.

from left to right
with soap and water
side by side
day after day
today and tomorrow
sun and moon
with gloves and coat

3.Noun lose their articles after the possessive's.

The phone that was borrowed got lost.
The company of wines had some problems with the stock.
The house was built during the World War II.
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