Articles continuation

4.The first noun's article is dropped when a noun is being modified by another noun.

5. We don't usually use "the" after both.

-Both (the) cities are very beautiful.

and we sometimes leave out "the" between 'all' and a number.
-All (the) four kittens were left behind.

We sometimes don't put 'the' after 'all' like - all time,all day, all night,all month,all year, etc.

We had the booth camp all night.
We haven't talked all day.

6.We don't usually put articles like a/an after kind of,sort of, and type of,etc.
-What type of shirt are you wearing?
-Have you seen the kind of contact lens she was wearing?

7."The" is not used after "the amount/number of".
-I was shock at the number of guest he have today.
-They didn't told us the amount of the check. and woman can be used as a general sense and we may put no articles into it.
-They say that man can't leave alone.
-One way to a men's heart is through his stomach.
-Women always love to cook food.

9.We don't use "the" when we mean 'the day/month before or after.
I will call you on Friday.
We will have a vacation this weekend.
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