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10. musical instrument:

-When we talk about musical instrument in general we often use 'the+singular'
I really love to play the guitar.
I don't know how to play the drums.
The violin produce good music.

But sometimes 'the' is not used when we talk about jazz or pop and even for classical music.

11. When talking about the forms of entertainment like televisions, theatre, (the) cinema, (the)radio.
I really like to watch television.
It's really great to watch in the cinema than at home.

But 'the' is often dropped when we are talk about institutions as art form or professions.

He have been working in theatre for many years.
He always wanted to go to cinema.

12. "The' is not used in titles like President W.Bush,Queen Elizabeth.
Prince Charles was very in love with Princess Diana.
-The president asked the Queen if they can meet.

13. exclamations:
In singular countable nouns and with exclamations after we use a/an into it.
What a terrific night!
What a handsome man!
But, if its an uncountable nouns with exclamations we cannot use a/an into it.

14. illness

We usually don't use article if we talk about illnesses and pains since this are uncountable nouns in standard British English.

I had shingles yesterday.
My head is aching

A/an is sometimes used for instances like colds and a headache.

I've been having a very bad cold since yesterday.
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