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15. body parts

-We usually use possessives when we are talking about parts of a human person's body or about their possessions.


Sammy have scars in her knees.
She doesn't like the way she flexes his arms.

Usually after prepositions 'the' is commonly used, especially if its all aboout pain,blows, hit,punch or anything that usually happens to a body part.

She was bitten in the toes.
She gave me a big punch in the stomach.


'the' is usually used with those expressions that begins with 'by'

Do you have anything by the second?
Did you bought it by the kilo?
Can I have it by the hour?

17. place names:
'The' is used with some of the place names:


-river-the Atlantic river
-hills-the Chocolate hills
-hotels-the Castle Peak Hotel

we don't usually use articles in:
-departments, continents, countries,states,and counties.

18. magazines and newspaper:

For those names of newspapers 'the' is usually used.


The Freeman
The Times
The Everyday news
The American times

but for those names of magazines we don't usually use 'the' into it.


-Kids and Mom

19. For those abbreviated styles we don't usually use articles into it.
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