English grammar

As English is widely acclaimed as international means of communication, many have been sweating so hard just to learn the complex rules of this language, especially to those who are nonnative speakers of English. A lot of Asian countries have started to embrace the significance to learn the language due to the fact that many Asians have landed jobs mostly in English speaking countries. Currently, there are countries which require other citizens to take an English proficiency test in order to qualify for a job or to be a permanent citizen in their country. That’s how important learning the language is. Without this language, we cannot convey our ideas and thoughts effectively. One of the most challenging parts of learning this language is grammar. Let’s have a quick review! Grammar is said to be the rules on how letters, words and sentences are supposed to be constructed both in written and oral discourse. Proper capitalization and punctuation marks, subject-verb agreement, pronouns and verb tenses are just few of the things that each has to know so that he/she can construct meaningful sentences. In this group of words: My friends and I goes to the park every Saturday? Why can we say that the sentence is erroneously constructed? It’s because it is in the rule that a singular subject takes a singular verb and a plural subject takes a plural verb. The sentence has plural subject that is why the verb must be plural which is “go”. Another thing that makes the sentence wrong is the use of question mark. The punctuation mark must be a period (.) since it is a declarative sentence. Any language has its own distinct set of grammatical rules. Studying another language might be a tough one since you are a greenhorn to that language. It’s like a Chinese trying to socialize with Germans. In studying English, it’s highly advisable that a beginner needs to be acquainted first with the consonant and vowel sounds. After familiarizing all the sounds, he/she must familiarize English words because this will be the foundation in formulating sentences. The most challenging one is the syntax-the study of sentence structure. Here, you analyze if words are used properly, subject-verb agreement and tenses are observed well, modifiers are placed appropriately and punctuation marks are used correctly. It needs patience and determined heart to study English grammar. But along the way, it’s fun. One’s grammar proficiency cannot be perfected in just two years. It requires more reading, listening and constant practice to achieve, if not total fluency, at least nearly fluent proficiency.
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