Talk in English: A Personal Achievement and Fulfillment

English language is one of the major languages in the world people use to communicate. Mass media communication all around the globe uses this language since it is considered as an international language. From posters to televisions and even on the internet, English Language is the medium of communication. And this makes a person who knows how to speak and write in English language more confident to converse with other people all around the globe. Thus, making him globally competent.
But how does learning English language really can give a person a great sense of personal achievement and fulfilment?
Being a non-native English speaker, it is a great challenge to learn this language. First, there are a lot of grammar rules that we have to learn and memorize since we have to apply each rule in making a simple sentence and that is already a big task. Another is, we have to enrich our vocabulary by reading books or any printed materials in English language so that we can get new words and be able to be familiar with those words that we could use in the future. Once we get to know all the grammar rules, we become more confident in using the language since we already have the basic knowledge on the do’s and don’ts. That is the first step to slowly build our confidence that with our great efforts we are able to learn the basic rules in grammar. We are very proud of our little progress and thus considering it as a small achievement.
Learning the basic grammar rules is just one of the stepping stones that we need to take. Our drive to learn the English Language should not only stop there. We should not just limit ourselves with the basic knowledge, rather, we should use all the available resources available to help us become good English language speakers. Reading printed materials in English language, or note-taking of new words can help us widen our vocabulary.
If these things are constantly being practiced, and if we always set goals to achieve—then we’ll be able to feel that we are hitting the target. Through these little achievements, we are fulfilled. We can feel that drive to never cease to learn new things.
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