Business Letters Basics

The school educate students on the proper use of Business English. We were taught on how to compose business letters using the English Language. But these basics may be forgotten if it’s not commonly practiced. So to help us write effective business letters, the following must be observed:
1. The writer’s own address should be put at the top right of the page. The rule of “smallest first”: house number, street name, town name, Postcode and telephone number.
2. Put the date directly under the address. The most common way is to write is to put the number of the day, followed by the month and the year.
3. In formal letters and business letters, the name and address of the person you are writing to on the left side of the page, starting on the same level as the date or slightly below.
4. The use of letterhead is commonly used in formal letters or business letters.
5. Begin the letter (Dear X) on the left. Below are the common ways to put your greetings:
a. By first name (informal)
b. By title and surname (formal)
c. Dear Sir(s), Dear Sir or Madam, Dear Madam (especially to someone whose name is not known).
The above mentioned guidelines in writing business letters especially in the heading part would really help a person to compose an effective letter. Through this, the reader of the letter would already know the sender’s information. This would also provide them the complete information that they would need to know from the senders.
Through the guidelines for the salutations, the sender’s letter would be read entirely because courtesy was already manifested in the salutation address. The reader would read the letter and a big chance of getting a reply from the receiver.
With the use of the letterhead, the reader would right away know the important details on the content of the letters since the letterhead would already give the reader the information as to the details of the sender. The reader would already have an idea as to what the letter is for. Through this also, the reader will be guided as to either granting the request of the sender or to reject it.
Following these guidelines are also important since this is the standard format to follow if one is to write a business letter. Imagine if we are to receive a business letter but do not follow these guidelines, would one read the letter or not?
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