When to use Allow/permit in a Sentence

When to use Allow and Permit in a Sentence
What words do we usually say when we intend to ask something from someone?
Being polite is a character trait one should possess to live harmoniously within the community. It can be manifested through our actions and our words. These three words “allow, permit, and let are commonly used whenever we would like to ask something from someone or give favour to a person.
These three words are similar in meaning and purpose. Below are the definitions of the three words in the dictionary:
a. Permit – to allow (something) to happen; to give permission for (something)
b. Allow – to permit (something); to go or come in, out
c. Let- to cause to; make
Though these words may mean the same thing, there are formats that we should follow if we are to use these three words.
1. Permit / Allow + object + infinitive
Example: We do not allow/permit people (object) to sleep (infinitive) in this area.
The guard allowed/permitted the students to enter the grounds.
2. When there is no personal object, an –ing form is used.
Example: The law does not allow/permit texting while driving.

Now let us try to check the following sentence below and let us identify how the words allow/permit and let were used in the sentences.
1. I won’t allow you to leave home after eleven. In the first sentence, we followed the first format. We have the subject which is I plus allow which is our verb and object is you and out infinitive is to leave.
2. We don’t allow you to leave. In this sentence, we have allow and the object of the sentence is not stated and infinitives.
3. I let the class to join the party. From the last example, let is used as the verb of the sentence, our object is the class and to join as our infinitives.
Hope this simple information would help people in constructing sentence using these three words-allow/permit/let. All may mean the same thing, what matters is the definition as to how the three words were used in the sentence especially for decision-making, if it is ight and just.
There are a lot of synonymous words to allow/permit/let, we just have to read a lot so that we can enrich our vocabulary.

These are the two common formats we follow in using the words allow/permit, and let.
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