Could have + - How to Use it

There are times that we tend to plan for a thing to happen but sometimes it will not be realized because of some circumstances and there are things that we continue to regret from not doing or making it to happen. How do people usually express themselves to somehow lessen the pain of not doing what they have planned in doing.
In English language, Modals are words used in expressing these kinds of statements. This somehow helps a person to express themselves and lessen the pain that they are feeling on the things that they have failed to do. One of these expression is- could have.
There are formats that we can use if we ought to use this expression in saying the things we wanted to say. First, we can follow the could have + past participle form of the verb. Refer to this example: I could have married anybody I wanted. Here, the speaker used the could have + married (past participle) telling us that he married somebody who was actually not his choice.
Next, we can use could have + past participle to criticise people for not doing things that they were expected to. Our example, You could have helped me – why did you just sit and watch me? This statement would tell us that the speaker was criticising the person whom he was talking to. This could also be helpful when we wanted to remind other people of their responsibilities.
The could have + participle can also be used in negative sentences suggesting that somebody would have not been able to do something even if they had wanted or tired to. Refer to this example, I couldn’t not have won – so I didn’t go in for a race. Here, the sentence tells us that the person talking already knows that he can’t win the race so he decided not to join in the race.
Aside from those cases, we can also use the could have expression to talk about past events which are not certain to have happened. Example: Who sent those flowers? I am not sure. It could have been you mother. To analyze the sentence from this format, it tells us that the speaker was asking who could have send her the flowers and the other person presumed that it could be her mother who could have sent her the flowers.
Could, would, May, might, must are just examples of Modals and it can really make our conversation to be more meaningful and colourful. We just need to follow the proper way to use it in a sentence to avoid confusions.
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