Add color to words with Idioms

There are times that we wanted to say something to someone but we do not have enough courage to utter the words to that person because we are afraid that we might hurt that person or could make them mad. There are times that we resort to keeping it into our self and we can’t help but get bothered sometimes.
English language has a creative way to express statements to the listener which can excite them to listen since the language is new to them. Mostly, Americans are rich in this language and they often use this type of language in their daily conversation because this is one way for them to express what they really wanted to say without hurting the other person.
Idioms are collection of wise sayings. Idioms offer advice about how to live abd aso transfer some underlying ideas, principles and values of a given culture or society. It has a figurative meaning and it could give you a pictures on what the speaker is trying to say.
Here are some examples of idioms and on how to use it in a sentence:
1. A hot potato – speak of an issue which many people are talking about and which is usually disputed.
Example: The talk on extrajudicial killings in the country is a hot potato nowadays for some members in the church..
2. Actions speaks louder than words – people’s intentions can be judged better by what theyt do than what they say.
Example: You said that you have forgiven her but your actions speaks louder than your words. You still hate her.
3. Barking up the wrong tree – looking in the wrong place or accusing the wrong person.
Example: Ted wasn’t in town when burglary happened. You maybe barking up the wrong tree. Try to check on the details again.
4. Cry over a spilt milk – when you complain about a loss from the past.
Example: Stop whining about it. It already happened and you can no longer take it back. Stop crying over a spilt milk.
5. Give the benefit of the doubt – believe someone’s statement, without proof.
Example: Just listen to her. She could be telling the truth. Just give her the benefit of the doubt for once.
6. Once in a blue moon – happens very rarely
Example: She won the lottery. She was very lucky for this could only happen once in a blue moon.
These are just few of the examples of the idioms we have in our English Language. Try using any of these idioms and it could really help your output to be more colourful an creative.
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