Verb of Feelings

If one wishes to express themselves they uses words to share their thoughts and the English language has some verb words that are intended to refer to feelings, thoughts and opinions. Some of its examples of verbs are – believe, consider, feel, know, find and understanding. So let us start discussing on how we can use these verbs in some sentences.
In formal style, we can use any of these verbs + object + infinitive. Infinitives are the to + verb word pairs but they do not function as verb rather they function as a modifier. However, for informal style, we use the that-clause instead of the verb + infinitive.
Examine the examples below:
1. For Formal style, we use the verb + infinitive
I considered him to be an excellent choice.
Here our verb is considered and our infinitive is to be. This sentence would tell us that the speaker is trying to express his thoughts that choosing him would be an excellent choice.
2. For informal style, we use the that-clause.
Example: I considered that he was an excellent choice.
Here, the thought is the same with the first example, only the difference is we used the that-clause instead of the verb + infinitive. This type of format is most commonly used in speaking rather than in writing.
3. Now, for the verb “think”, the structure of the sentence is different.
Example: I thought that she was mistaken. Here, we have the verb thought plus the that-clause because this structure is more common compared to following the structure of verb + infinitive.
There are also instances that we can just drop the infinitive and just go directly with the sentence. Observe: I considered him an excellent choice. In this structure, we no longer have added the infinitive and we still have the same thought of the sentence from the structures mentioned above.
Other examples for verbs for perceptions are: see, watch, listen, feel, smell, notice are listed below:
a. I felt the ground to be shaking. Or we can also have it in this structure, I felt the ground shaking. We have dropped the infinitive in the second example.
b. For informal structure we have: I felt that the ground was shaking.
c. Formal Style: The burgar was seen to climb over the fence. Our verb in this example if seen and our infinitive is to climb.
If the verb in our sentence is in the passive voice, we use a to-infinitive, or we can also drop using the to-infinitive as long as the thought of the sentence is still the same.
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