From Generic to Specific: Which is which

Words can be classified as abstract and general or concrete and specific. All abstract words may be regarded in some sense as general, but many general words are not abstract; all concrete words are specific in some sense, but many are general, in relation to other concrete words.

Concrete words are tangible or visible. Concrete words can be seen or perceived using different senses. Examples of these are skyscrapers, business centers, educational supplies, entertainment showcase jeepneys and others. So from these Exemplifications are shown the specific words which name a narrow concept, and the general words which mean a broad concept.

Here are some examples of words as General Words and words as Specific words:

General Words
1. Communication device
Communication devices are very useful in keeping in touch with people.
The factory workers take orders from their superiors through the use of some communication devices.
2. Computer hardware
The company will be purchasing a lot of computer hardware for its new Server Unit.
The students are having their Practical exam on how to repair computer hardware.
3. Cleaning equipment
Some restaurants were penalized after the Sanitary Officer conducted a Surprise Check because they do not have the proper cleaning equipment.
My aunt is running a Cleaning Service Agency and they are equipped with the complete cleaning equipments.
4. tools
The plumber must bring his tools to fix the leaks on the pipes.
She was mad because Ted did not return all the tools in the toolbox.

Specific Words
1. Cell phone (Communciation Device)
Cell phone nowadays is already considered a necessity since you can already do a lot of things from it aside from being a communication device.
2. bail (penalty)
They decided to pay the bail so that he can be released from prison.
3. incident (case)
Sean had to file for an incident report after Raymart forged his signature.
4. Durability (quality)
Microsoft had to test the durability of their product before launching it to the market.

These are just few of the examples of the words that we can classify as general and specific. We just need to make sure that if we are to use any of these words, we have to specify the exact thing that we are really referring to avoid confusions. We should also put emphasis on the words used so that the thought of the sentence is clearer. We have to refrain from always using generic words if we really meant to say a specific thing because that could only result to confusions or worse to misunderstanding.
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